select photos from the marriage of mona & craig, part dux

san luis obispo, ca

a light-hearted event with family and lots of friends to celebrate the union of these two beautifully unique and soulful spirits. craig & mona, so lucky in love. with the reception at the madonna inn (think pink) and a bucketful of rowdy revelers, you couldn't ask for more merriment. my favorite quote of the day.. "you're the wedding photographer everyone wishes they had at their wedding!"

view the photos from their larchmont, ny wedding, which was more collected and family-oriented.

Silvia Hernandes says Hey, Pictures are wonderful! Never seen a wedding in this style. Loved it! Happiness FOREVER ! Love,

Joan says loved all the photos made me feel wonderful, so happy for you both

Mikey says The dude in the white suit and the hot blonde he was with were the best looking guests at the party. They really brighten up the pictures.

eby in DC says minwin, you're just the bestest. i can't believe what a good job you did with these photos, WHILE dancing and partying it up with us :)