my name is minwin and i take photos. i am a self-taught artist in many different mediums. i dream of one day rocketing to outer space and seeing the world from sea to shining sea.

"I was just checking out your site again today and it struck me how amazing and talented you are." ..R, Virginia

Shahna says I never understood photography, but your pictures tells a story of beauty and what the Earth gives us.

Carol Petrillo-Lintz says You are an "Artist" in every sense of the word.Your passion and love for your work is captured in every photo .Please mail me some buiness cards. I would be honored to give them out.Carol Petrillo-Lintz ****,NJ07006

josh says thanks for being so awesome at the wedding. you were extremely popular among our wedding party. you were so friendly that people thought you were a friend of the family. we can't wait to see the wedding photos!

swifty says simply infinite yoda say

jody says I see you are still taking gorgeous photos! Never stop!

Amy aka Ulquiorra says Hi! :D Found your site, checked it out, looooove your photos. Maybe Lindsey aka Axel and I will commission you or something at Ohayocon. Hope you will show up. ;)

Danie-Sama says I saw u @ ohayocon. i thought u were the only cute one which convinced u 2 take a pic with me

Tsuki-chan says To put it in a simple manner your photos are nothing short of amazing. I enjoy photos of landscape and plantlife myself, and you take them in a very one on one way. Rather than a large unnessary scale you bring it to simplicity and beauty.

lisa says You take photos like I want to. I can't wait to hear from you about my wedding. My fingers are crossed that you are available...

Twinkie (shanelle) says your photos are really good! the angles you get are some of the best i've seen so far... can't wait to see the anime usa photos! i'll see you at katsucon! ^3^

JD Hendrex says Outstanding! "Always progress towards the greater, otherwise one stands still or worse, moves backwards." -jdh77