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june 1, 2009
teasers from d+a's reception

due to logistics, d+a decided to have their reception the evening before their ceremony. i wasn't able to cover the events, but hatnim got in beautifully with the click click. (i shot d+a's ceremony the next morning.)

photos by hatnim lee. processing by minwin.
may 31, 2009
teasers from p+m's wedding!

i still feel the sun..
may 18, 2009
teasers from the quackenluft country fair picnic wedding
march 3, 2009
teasers part 2 from r+f's wedding

(photos by hatnim lee)

when you've got minwin and hatnim shooting your wedding, that's double kung pao fist of photo fury. hatnim could totally make money shooting children's portraits.
february 23, 2009
teasers from r+f's wedding
january 14, 2009
teasers from k+j's wedding..

(photos by minwin and steph)
january 8, 2009
teasers from e+r's wedding

(photos by minwin and steph)
november 18, 2008
teasers from a+r together in puerto rico

it's so easy to understand why a+r decided to get married in puerto rico. it's such a fantastic retreat away from the wintry city, a practical paradise unto itself. and after having spent the following week tooling around most of the rest of puerto rico, i think their choice of location at the villa montana resort in isabela was just perfect.

the resort was a great mix of class and culture, without being too removed from the rest of the city and its people. the beach it laid next to was fantastic, even if its slight rockiness kept it from being perfect. with bikes, kayaks, and snorkeling gear freely included in the cost of your stay, there were great options for leisurely activities. and once i discovered the huge climbing rock in a corner of the resort, i was done for.

i suppose my only question is what you could possibly do for a honeymoon after getting married there? not the worst question in the world to have to figure out.
october 28, 2008
teasers from a+t's wedding
october 10, 2008
teasers from h+t's wedding
october 2, 2008
teasers from r+c's wedding

atlantis marine world in riverhead, ny is one of the more characterful places to have a wedding in ny. i was actually impressed with how elegant it was and the myriad of interesting backdrops to shoot with. i would totally recommend the place to couples with a flare for the unusual and interesting.

(photos by minwin and randolph)
october 2, 2008
more teasers from t+a's wedding party

i swear there have been like three or four brides who've contacted me this past week to let me know how much they love their photos and to ask when they can see more. they can't seem to contain their excitement. i'll take that as a good sign.

"thank you so much for these gorgeous, glorious photos."

"I saw the teaser on the website and now I neeeeed more."

"I am SO excited!!"

so this set's for you tina! i didn't even get to the dancing with this set..
october 2, 2008
more teasers from z+y/m+a

it feels good to finally get a chance to get some major post processing done, and i'm kicking the work out the door!
september 30, 2008
teasers from z+y/m+a
september 30, 2008
teasers from l+r's wedding

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