september 17, 2012
burning man and back

after meeting with camp mates in fernley and retrieving our tickets, we began the long trek into burning man. it was another few hours before we reached camp, by which time the night had given way to sunrise on the playa. magical, mysterious, we had driven through the darkness and arrived at the dawn of a new world literally.

throughout the week, i'd get the feeling that i really was on another planet. i'd somehow travelled to a bizarro world where burning man existed, if only for a short time. sure, there was lots for the grizzled mind to bah humbug at, but there was also lots to marvel and be amazed by.

late one night, i found myself laughing out loud when i was walking back to camp and an art car shimmied past me with a dusty cowgirl riding on top, manning a flaming turret. i thought to myself, "this is ridiculous, but this is real!" and the laughter escaped. it felt good.

this gallery is a small glimpse into the world of burning man as i came upon it.