september 12, 2009
teasers from r+j's special day

j.. you've got a huge heart and the love to carry it with. like nobody's business! i can't believe the crazy amount of daring you showed in your dance to r. i'm seriously joining the jf fan club.

r.. i can only imagine the sort of woman it takes to love & appreciate someone like j. i'm glad you guys have found each other, as you are a solid couple. good relationships have lots of support.

or so i'm told.

minwin says carol, i don't know about heart & soul, but thank you!!! for your honesty and sincerity. i only capture what people are comfortable giving me, so i'm just glad people smile.

Abby Lintz says these are amazing.. thank you so much for capturing this wonderful day with such grace and beauty! i am thrilled to have these photos to remember what an incredible day this was! xoxo

Carol Petrillo-Lintz says It is quite obvious that you were blessed with the ability to capture each persons heart and soul on film.Your talent for being in the moment and feeling and capturing every persons expression is a talent few artists have.I have the up most respect and admiration for who you are and what you create.It was my honor for me to be able to pose for you. Thank you for following your hearts dream.Sincerely,Carol[the step-mom]