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"We just looked through all of them, they are spectacular! I love the way you captured everything." ..M, New York

"I get so much feedback from so many sources about how you contributed so much to the atmosphere of that night. You did an awesome job!! Thank you." ..S, San Diego

"I should reiterate that my parents LOVED you and P said you are always welcome at her house. M's parents are also still talking about you and there is no doubt that they want you to be there for the Thai ceremony. I am so glad you shot the wedding." ..T, Santa Cruz

"The photos look amazing. You captured such live moments and the composition of your shots is gorgeous. We feel very lucky (and smart) to have hired you. Also, my parents loved you. They can't stop talking about you." ..H, New York

"saw the pictures. they look amazing! and people keep raving about how wonderful you are." ..L, New York

"Me, G, and all our family love the photographs. We could never hope for something this wonderful. Thank you for making it all happen." ..M, New York

"Just want to thank you for the part you played in A and N's wedding. Meeting you was great. You are so gifted and talented and it was a pleasure to watch you work." ..J&C, Nebraska

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your shutterbug efforts at our wedding and the dinner thing the night before. The pictures are absolutely fricking fantastic! They just couldn't be better." ..O, New York

"We not only thought that you were a super talent but we also thought that you were a great 'part' of the wedding itself! Wonderful!" ..S, Los Angeles

"All of our family and guests loved the spirit you brought to our celebration - everyone was asking me about you; you will definetely be an inseparable part of our memories about that day." ..M, New York

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