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who shoots our wedding?
i do. because photography is as much about the person behind the camera, as it is about the scene in front of the camera.

digital or film?
digital. it allows me total creative freedom to explore and shoot. and the photos are beautiful by the way.

yes. while i shoot everything in color, i'm able to color convert (b&w, sepia toning) after the fact. i provide this service as requested at no additional charge.

your equipment?
ack, this is a horrible question! you would do better to look at my photos and ask yourself whether you like them. you don't really care if picasso used pentel #2s or bic 4Bs do you? really, you don't.

will you travel?
have camera, will travel. add the cost of a round-trip ticket and any other necessary travel / accomodation fees to my quoted rate, and you've got life magical for the day.


are there other questions i can answer for you? email me