may 11, 2010

the piano keys had funny pieces of paper and tape stuck to them. my niece said it was to help her remember the sharps and flats better. i was surprised, but happy to hear it. i know they hadn't been too keen on playing or practicing the piano for awhile now (the result of long and boring practice regiments).

it's been many years since i've touched the piano myself (i also grew to hate practicing for all those years). but recently, it's been calling out to me. i miss it. i enjoy sitting down and letting my fingers glide over the keys, listening to the melodies and every so often, surprising myself with the music.

the other week, i sat down at the piano. my sister, nieces and nephew were hanging out in the other rooms. i opened up my recorder app (FiRe recorder) and started to play. i drifted off into the music. after a few minutes i noticed my nephew had moved nearby. i tried to stay relaxed. a minute later, he got up and brought a lamp back. that was nice of him (it was getting dark in there). i played for a little while longer, and then the moment passed.

my nephew said, "i think you're making all that up as you go along." i told him, "it's beethoven." i asked him if he wanted to join me, but he was shy and nervous. a few days later, i saw funny pieces of paper and tape stuck to the piano keys.

minwin plays piano by himinwin

shahna says ALSO!! you play piano very beautifully! but, I bet i'm better than you!! ;p jk I don't play much anymore.

Shahna says This is too cute!! Reminds me of when i was a kid, I used to do the same thing.