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Melanie Smallwood (Aunt Mel) says You two look like LOVE :) PS, You also look like professional models, I want first "dibs" on being your manager :) Luv you both [view]
A+C says We are already BLOWN AWAY! Thanks min! You Rock!! [view]
Shahna says I never understood photography, but your pictures tells a story of beauty and what the Earth gives us. [view]
shahna says ALSO!! you play piano very beautifully! but, I bet i'm better than you!! ;p jk I don't play much anymore. [view]
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september 17, 2012
burning man and back

after meeting with camp mates in fernley and retrieving our tickets, we began the long trek into burning man. it was another few hours before we reached camp, by which time the night had given way to sunrise on the playa. magical, mysterious, we had driven through the darkness and arrived at the dawn of a new world literally.

throughout the week, i'd get the feeling that i really was on another planet. i'd somehow travelled to a bizarro world where burning man existed, if only for a short time. sure, there was lots for the grizzled mind to bah humbug at, but there was also lots to marvel and be amazed by.

late one night, i found myself laughing out loud when i was walking back to camp and an art car shimmied past me with a dusty cowgirl riding on top, manning a flaming turret. i thought to myself, "this is ridiculous, but this is real!" and the laughter escaped. it felt good.

this gallery is a small glimpse into the world of burning man as i came upon it.
september 14, 2012

i took a flight up to montana to meet up with art. from there, we were prepping and driving down to the black rock desert for the one and only burning man. i don't know how he convinced me to go, but he did. my first burn, i was very excited!

art picked me up from the quaint missoula airport, and then we drove to his mom's place where we stayed for the next two days. she's an adorable lady, who for being such an isolated individual was very gracious in opening her doors to a stranger.
march 30, 2012
y+j, part 2
march 18, 2012
y+j, part 1

aside from the b&w's, y had shared with me her pinterest of wedding photos which she had been collecting over the months. among those photos, i noticed she seemed to have a love for photos with soft focus. so for her wedding, i brought out my lensbaby, which allows for selective focusing. it gives the images a controllable softness/bluriness.
march 16, 2012
meeting y+j and co.

it's not often that i shoot a wedding without actually meeting the couple beforehand, but with our hectic schedules it was hard to plan a meeting with y+j. so when they told me they were getting together with some family and friends in long island city the night before their wedding, i had to drop by.
march 16, 2012
y+j in black and white

during one of our conversations, y had asked for black&white shots (it seems to be more of a request nowadays). she has a beautifully structured face that seems to pop in black&white. so here you go, y! i just wish we had more time to shoot formals that day.

more photos to come..
january 19, 2012
burke family portraits

i had a quick portrait session with the burkes last weekend. their lil baby f is coming up on his big first birthday next week. it was also good to see a again, who is just the most adorable and precious thing ever! she really has the face of a doll. i very much love the closeups that she allows me to take of her.
november 14, 2011
the wedding of a+j

i love people who rub noses.
i love couples who aren't afraid of some zombies.
i love sisters who take time to make your wedding dress.
i love brothers-in-law who help man the photobooth.
i love family and friends who don't quite want to go home yet.

a+j, thank you, i loved your wedding!
november 8, 2011
h+j's nyc wedding

coming across the pond from england to get married in new york, h+j's delightfully intimate wedding was full of bright eyes and big smiles. with open hearts and the core of their family and friends to celebrate with, they got married under the whisper of rain at the ladies pavilion in central park.
october 26, 2011
october 25, 2011

love unafraid to express itself. i'm glad to have been part of your lives.
october 25, 2011

a+j's wedding-goers, i'm sure you're looking for some zombie wedding photos, or some photo booth photos. well, i have this photo for you. this is awesome.
october 25, 2011

okay okayokayokokokok!!
here.. is your zombie wedding photo!
october 20, 2011
congratulations h+j!!

rainy days in nyc can never stop happy hearts from celebrating..
and chinese ladies from gathering their ginkgo biloba..
october 20, 2011

rainy days also give you once-in-a-lifetime moments like this, when a beautiful sunny day would have meant this spot would be packed to the hilt with tourists and locals.
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